Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I should Coco....nut....Cranberry White Chocolate Coconut bread pudding

I've been humming old Supergrass songs in my head all day, from the album, I should Coco. Completely inappropriate, but it is because I bought some of this:

I love T&T. I love browsing the aisles and finding exotic ingredients, fun snacks, ice cream with beans in it, Sushi and bubble tea. This is coconut bread. Sadly, it was not what I had hoped for. It was bland, disappointing. But I never throw anything out. Ever. Not even bland bread. But what to do with it? I didn't want to consume un-delicious calories. Such a waste.

So, I chopped it up.

I got out some of this:

And whisked in four of these:

And a little of this:

 But it needed a little something to sweeten it. I like using honey and maple syrup for sweeteners. They are the least processed of all sweeteners. The main difference between honey and maple is that honey is a low glycemic index sweetener, and maple is not. Whenever possible use honey.

Of course, all of this healthy nonsense goes out the window when you add a few of these:

I then tossed in a bunch of fresh frozen cranberries and cooked the whole mess for about 40 minutes at 350.

Yup. It turned out pretty good, for a bland loaf of bread.

List of ingredients for Cranberry Coconut Bread Pudding:
coconut bread
coconut milk
white chocolate chips
fresh frozen cranberries

xo Jo

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