Saturday, 3 March 2012

Artwalk 2012

Today I signed up for the Edmonton Artwalk 2012, sponsored by the fine people at the Paint Spot. I'm pretty excited. It is so inspiring, encouraging and energizing to be surrounded by so many talented, creative, innovative people. The area virtually hums with artistic vision and energy with so many artists in one place.

If you need paint supplies, visit the Paint Spot. The people who work there are lovely, helpful, kind, and  enthusiastic. They want you to love creating and to be successful at it. They are wonderful resources. 

Signing up means there will be a lot more art appearing in this blog as I hunker down in my artist bunker and sketch, paint, cut, glue, spray, and colour away. Feedback is always welcome!

Speaking of art, I was driving down Saskatchewan drive today, past the University of Alberta and noticed hundreds of red dresses hanging in the trees that line the drive. Delightful, but do any of my fellow Edmontonians know what this is all about?

  And more art news:

The fine folk at the Art House Co-op have many fascinating projects, including this one:
The 4X4 Art Exchange2

"Another worldwide community art swap
There’s no better feeling here at Art House HQ than the arrival of the mail — each day brings us a slew of inspiring artwork from all over the map. The 4 x 6 Exchange is designed to share that thrill by creating an art swap on a global scale. Sign up for the project and mail us a 4” x 6” artwork and a USPS self-addressed, stamped envelope. We’ll exchange your work with another artist’s submission and surprise both of you with the results! Keep your eyes on your mailbox..."

Sign up by March 10/12

And this one:
The Self Portrait Project: 4X4

The many faces of the Art House Co-op community
What does our creative community look like? How do you see yourself when you close your eyes? The Self-Portrait Project is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the world — one canvas at a time. Whether you feel challenged to depict yourself in photographic detail or to abstract your personality in visual form, this project will bring together the many faces of the Art House community in our storefront project space. Each participating artist will receive an empty 4" x 4" canvas with the same mission: Show us who you are. The resulting wall of portraits will open thousands of windows into our community, sharing something about ourselves for the entire world to see.

Sign up by April 14/12- anybody game for this one?

 After a play date, registration for Artwalk and dinner with the family, that's all I got today.

xo Jo

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Jolene said...

Update on the Red Dress Project/art Installation.

Thanks to Karen W. for sharing the link to the story.