Thursday, 1 March 2012

I love pina coladas... and mojitos, etc...

So, I'm already dreaming of a trip that I've yet to go on. The beaches, the water, all those lovely Caribbean ocean/sky blue tones, and tropical flowers in their unapologetic, confident display of colour... I'm already there. Perhaps these images have informed this palette:

Yes, those are rhinestones. Why not? If you know me, you know I love the sparkly!

And of course I've been doodling too, having a lot of fun with my Pigma Sensei pens and Caran D'ache Neocolor watersoluble pastels.

 They blend easily, they work just like traditional watercolours, but are a little more convenient for those of us with babies who don't sleep long enough to wet a brush and use it and clean it without wrecking it. I like that I can colour in the drawing when I have a free moment, work on it in stages, and then come back to it later without worrying about paint drying. The neocolour is so forgiving.

Lately, my son has been very interested in my painting and drawing efforts. He is 2.5 and he has started do his own watercolours. He comes up with sophisticated palettes, usually grounded by black, which is his current favorite colour. Kids are amazingly creative and inspiring. He has stolen one of my best brushes.

Ready or not Cuba, here I come!

xo Jo

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Beverley Armstrong said...

I love both pieces of art!