Wednesday, 28 March 2012

of woman born...

Poet Adrienne Rich dies


Women write because of women like her. No, she didn't start the movement. Not even close. There were many other mother writers, but adrienne rich had a tremendous influence on many women of the present generation.  And she taught us show to be brave and true about the things that we write about. She encouraged us to write artfully against the things that oppress us, that hold us back. She taught us to free our voices from the constraints that have always suppressed feminine power in all of its many facets, most importantly she taught us that women could live outside of patriarchal demands and controls. Time and time again, she stood up to the male administration and institution for the good of women. Feminist, artist, writer, social conscience, warrior. Rest in peace, and thank you for encouraging women to find their voices, thank you for empowering countless women.


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