Monday, 5 March 2012

Today I am Raspberry

Do you ever find yourself obsessed with a particular colour for days, weeks, maybe even months on end?
Picasso and his blue phase has nothing on the revolving door of phases I go through.

And the evidence of that is in my closet and jewelry case, as well as in the jewelry I design and my paintings.

A few weeks before my daughter Savianna was born, I was obsessed with raspberry. My cousin Charlyn, who was visiting from Detroit saw this as a sign that I would be having a girl, and she was right!

So this first posting on an ode to various colour obsessions is dedicated to my 4 month old daughter and the delicious colour of raspberry. It is also a way for me to group my colour inspirations for future reference. I welcome your suggestions for sources!

xo Jo


Jurate said...

Beautiful and envigorating inspirations! Should be called brave pink :)

Jolene said...

Agreed! It is quite an empowering colour.